Aircraft Restoration and Repair in Alberta

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Aircraft Restoration and Repair in Alberta

Skywings Paint & Maintenance is not just about aesthetics; we’re about performance and reliability. As a family-owned and operated company in Alberta, we bring over 40 years of expertise in aircraft restoration and repair. Our certifications and experience ensure your aircraft is not only visually appealing but also in top operational condition.

For comprehensive aircraft restoration and repair services for your small aircraft, turn to us.

Aircraft Restoration and Repair Services

Skywings Paint & Maintenance is your go-to for all small aircraft restoration and repair needs in Alberta. Our services include:

  • General Aircraft Repair: We handle a variety of repairs, from windows and wings to structural integrity. Our facility is fully equipped to manage any repairs for various types of small aircraft.
  • Painting and Touch-Ups: Whether it’s minor scratches or complete respraying, we offer a range of painting services. Our 45’ x 40’ paint booth accommodates all small aircraft, using premium Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings for lasting protection.
  • Interior Refurbishment: Enhance your aircraft’s interior with our full interior kits or opt for specific upholstery repairs. We focus on both aesthetic and functional improvements.
  • Custom Upgrades: Tailor your aircraft with custom avionic panels and more. Share your vision, and we’ll collaborate to transform your small aircraft.
  • Specialized Repairs: Beyond standard maintenance, we address unique repair needs, ensuring every aspect of your aircraft is in optimal condition.

Contact Skywings Paint & Maintenance for all your aircraft restoration and repair requirements. Reach us at 403-886-5191, use the form on our contact page, or visit us at the Red Deer Regional Airport in Central Alberta.

Reach Out to Sky Wings for Comprehensive Aircraft Care

Schedule your aircraft for a makeover or crucial repairs with Sky Wings Paint & Maintenance. While you soar the skies, let us enhance your flight experience with vibrant exteriors and rejuvenated interiors. Trust in our expertise for a more dynamic and reliable airtime.